Villa Angela Heritage House

Villa Angela Heritage House

Visitors who want to experience the charm of old world Vigan, can seek accommodations at the Villa Angela Heritage House. Located along Quirino Boulevard, this house is typical of those constructed in Vigan in the 1800s. Agapito B. Florendo, a gobernadorcillo, had it built in 1870. The house itself is part of a 2,000 square meter property owned by the prominent Versoza family. They named it after their matriarch, Angela Verzosa Villanueva. The property was restored by descendants in the eighties. It has since then become a depository of the mementos acquired by the family from the earliest years onwards, which they proudly share with their visitors.

Villa Angela counts among its visitors Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. This heritage house is said to be where Tom Cruise stayed in 1989 while he was shooting Oliver Stone’s Born on the Forth of July. A picture of him with the owner hangs in one of the main rooms.  Other well-loved possessions can be found all over the property. Upon entering the garden of Villa Angela, one will see a wooden carriage, said to have been used by Irene Marcos, daughter of deposed President Ferdinand Marcos. It was used to transport her to Sta. Monica Cathedral in Ilocos Norte on her wedding in 1983.

Villa Angela’s living room area has huge windows made of capiz or windowglass shells. There visitors can rest in big, old wooden chairs called butakas while imagining listening to the victrola (old phonograph) or giant harp that decorate the living room together with antique oil lamps and jars. In the dining room or comedor, visitors will also see many antique dining and kitchen objects like copper pots, porcelain and china ware. There is even a huge old jar that was used to keep food fresh or chilled, much like a refrigerator.

Effort has been made in each room to keep the ambience of the old Spanish period. That’s why Villa Angela has even been used for the filming of the movie “Jose Rizal.” Guests who come in large groups may opt to stay in the dormitories located in the first floor. They may also choose to stay in the rooms with verandas and four-poster canopy beds. All the rooms are air-conditioned, with private baths and cable television. Breakfast is included in the rates. Since being opened to the public, Villa Angela has also been the venue for weddings, birthdays, baptismal parties, workshops, meetings and other important gatherings. They specialize in catering traditional Ilocano food to guests and participants. Holy Week and Christmas are Villa Angela’s peak seasons. Its low seasons are from June to September, during the traditional rainy months.

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