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Vigan arts and crafts.

Damili – Red clay crafts

Damili – Red clay crafts Damili is the Ilocano term for molding. This terra-cotta or red-clay craft is one of the traditional industries that Vigan is known for. It has existed since the 19th century and is still done in homes within several of Vigan’s barangays. Local and foreign visitors […]

Burnay Jars – Burnay Pottery

Burnay Jars – Burnay Pottery Jars made from Vigan are much sought-after by foreign and local visitors. This earthenware is called burnay. The industry that has grown from the making of burnay dates back to pre-colonial times when immigrants from China came to settle in Vigan. They practiced the craft […]

Vigan Antique Furniture Makers

Vigan Antique Furniture Makers Vigan crafts, including woodcraft, might have eventually disappeared if not for the huge demand that was generated by the patronage of the Marcos family during former President Ferdinand Marcos’ regime. During his long presidency, Ferdinand Marcos espoused cultural revival aimed at developing the Filipinos’ pride in […]

Abel Weaving – Vigan Traditional Crafts

Abel Weaving – Vigan Traditional Crafts The abel is the traditional woven product of Vigan and the Ilocos region. The abel cloth is known for being a strong, colorful material. The fabric is so strong and beautiful that some families have them as heirlooms that last as long as their […]