The heritage of Vigan.

Villa Angela Heritage House

Villa Angela Heritage House Visitors who want to experience the charm of old world Vigan, can seek accommodations at the Villa Angela Heritage House. Located along Quirino Boulevard, this house is typical of those constructed in Vigan in the 1800s. Agapito B. Florendo, a gobernadorcillo, had it built in 1870. […]

Vigan Spanish houses

Vigan Spanish Houses

Vigan Houses Vigan’s inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List is due to the preservation of around 187 residential, institutional, commercial and religious structures that transport visitors to the past. What’s amazing about these structures is that they continue to be used by current locals as they were used by […]

Vigan Heritage Mansion

Vigan Heritage Mansion One of the best places to stay in when in Vigan is the Vigan Heritage Mansion located on Liberation Boulevard. It is a hotel that offers guests all the modern comforts a traveler might require while still providing them with the experience and feel of living in […]

Syquia Mansion of President Elpidio Quirino

Syquia Mansion of President Elpidio Quirino Vigan is the proud birthplace of the Philippines’ sixth president, Elpidio Quirino. President Quirino is best remembered as the chief author of economic developments undertaken by the country that helped it rise from the devastation of World War II, as well as the country’s […]

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral The St. Paul’s Cathedral is also known as the metropolitan Cathedral. It is considered a major religious landmark not only of northern Luzon but the country as well. Visitors must include a visit to the cathedral when in Vigan as it has been a center of Roman […]

Plaza Salcedo

Plaza Salcedo Filipinos have a tradition of first paying respect in the church of the place they are visiting for the first time to ensure a safe stay and travel back home. In Vigan’s case, visitors may visit the Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Having fulfilled this local tradition, one may now […]

Plaza Burgos

Plaza Burgos Plaza Burgos is the smaller of the two major plazas in the city of Vigan. It can be found just right beside Saint Paul Cathedral’s Bell Tower. While Plaza Salcedo was constructed to honor a foreign conqueror, Juan de Salcedo, Plaza Burgos was built to remember the martyrdom […]

Isabelo de los Reyes Marker

Isabelo de los Reyes Marker Along the well-trodden tourist path of Calle Crisologo of the Heritage Village of Vigan stands the ancestral home of Isabelo de los Reyes, one of Vigan’s most prominent sons. He was the prime mover of the Philippine labor movement, a prolific literary figure, politician and […]

World Heritage Cities Solidarity Day

World Heritage Cities Solidarity Day Another great time to visit Vigan is during their World Heritage Cities Solidarity Day celebration every September 8. Vigan celebrates this with other cities all over the world that have world heritage sites. In Vigan this special day is actually commemorated with week-long festivities aimed […]

Aniceto Mansion

Aniceto Mansion Looking for a place to stay in Vigan with the best location? The mansion with the address No. 1 Crisologo Street should do the trick. Being located at the entrance of the historic Crisologo Street, the Aniceto Mansion has an enviable location. It is at the center of […]