Vigan tourist guide.

Vigan Travel Tips

Vigan Travel Tips Vigan enjoys two kinds of seasons, the dry season from November to April and the wet season from May to October. It is recommended that travelers visit during dry season, especially from December to February when temperatures are much cooler and touring will most likely not be […]

Shopping and Souvenirs in Vigan

Shopping and Souvenirs in Vigan When looking for authentic shopping finds at the best possible price for your pocket, the best place to go is to the public market. This is where all the goods that residents make and buy can be found at prices that are affordable to the […]

Restaurants in Vigan

Restaurant in Vigan Café Leona is indeed the most known eating place in Vigan mainly because of its association with the poetess Leona Florentino, after whom the place is named.  For visitors who would like to have a full Vigan gustatory experience, they can try the food offerings of restaurants […]

Resorts in Vigan

Resorts in Vigan Most travelers look for a wide range of new experiences or activities when they travel long distances and reach their holiday destination for the needed rest and recreation. For travelers who want more then just a visit to the UNESCO-appointed World Heritage Site in Vigan and other […]

Nightlife in Vigan City

Nightlife in Vigan City If one has energy to spare at night after touring Vigan all day, there are still a few things that can be enjoyed after the sun goes down when one tours during non-festival periods. It is true that most of the establishments in Vigan close early, […]

Nature Tripping Vigan

Nature Tripping Vigan Being with nature is indeed relaxing and invigorating, the very state we seek to attain that’s why we go on vacations. So, it is understandable that after filling our minds with enriching knowledge about the history and culture of our chosen destination and satisfying our senses with […]

Inns in Vigan

Inns in Vigan Vigan’s Calle Crisologo is the main attraction for visitors who are lured by the charm of the bygone Spanish period that can still be experienced through the city’s surviving heritage architecture. It is therefore no surprise that the most sought after accommodations are those along or nearest […]

Hotels in Vigan

Hotels in Vigan To enjoy a more luxurious stay in Vigan complete with the creature comforts that can be found in other city hotels all over the world, one place that visitors should consider is the Vigan Plaza Hotel along Crisologo Street. The Vigan Plaza Hotel’s exterior adheres to the […]

Traveling to Vigan

Traveling to Vigan Vigan is very accessible. For those who would like to visit the sights and experience life in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, they can opt to avail of either land or air transportation. From Manila, cars and buses travel on 400 kilometers of road that go through […]