Vigan cuisine.

Vigan Cuisine

Vigan Cuisine Vigan cuisine is more than the iconic Vigan empanada, longganisa and kankanen. These Vigan must-tastes are just the tip of the culinary experience that can be had in this city. To ready the food adventurers, they must be informed that Vigan cuisine is simple and leans towards keeping […]

Vigan Longganisa

Vigan Longganisa The Vigan longaganisa is a small and plump native sausage, good for about two or three bites. It is garlicky and has a yellowish color. Although it is eaten anytime, even as a bread filling, it is traditional favored as breakfast fare together with fried eggs and steamed […]

Brgy. San Jose, Kankanen Makers

San Jose, Kankanen Makers Kankanen is the term used to collectively refer to Vigan delicacies which are mostly rice-based. Visitors and locals enjoy these delicacies in Vigan and buy them to take home to friends and family. In the olden times, these native delicacies are prepared during special occasions and […]

Vigan Empanada

Vigan Empanada A visit to Vigan will not be complete without tasting its famous Vigan empanada. You can choose to sample this tasty delight in the food establishments that dot the city or the empanada stalls in the market and plazas. It is great whether as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or […]